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Punchy Plum Jewelry Bath Bomb

Punchy Plum Jewelry Bath Bomb

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Lift your mood and transform your bath into a cocktail with this tropical medley! Ruby-rich juices of java plum and raspberries wrapped in a bouquet of Maui vines are mellowed with fruity notes of pink grapefruit and red peach nectar for a sweet aroma.

Each bath bomb contains one hidden jewel valued $15 to $7500
Transform bath water into a nourishing effervescent soak with our scented bath bombs. A sumptuous treat, our bombs are enriched with avocado and almond oils that release delicate and enveloping fragrance, leaving your skin feeling softened and hydrated, for the utmost luxury bathing experience!

* Actual ring may not be the same as shown in picture.

Colors Purple
Ingredients Avocado and Almond oils
Volume 7 oz.
Produced in USA
Dimensions 2.75" diameter