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Rouge Raspberry Jewelry Bath Bomb

Rouge Raspberry Jewelry Bath Bomb

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Sweet with a subtle touch of tartness, this watering aroma of ripened raspberries and white citrus fuse smoothly for a delectable scent. Notes of creamy vanilla and berry sorbet finish off this delightful bath bomb, leaving you as relaxed as your skin is smooth.

Each bath bomb contains one hidden jewel valued $15 to $7500
Transform bath water into a nourishing effervescent soak with our scented bath bombs. A sumptuous treat, our bombs are enriched with avocado and almond oils that release delicate and enveloping fragrance, leaving your skin feeling softened and hydrated, for the utmost luxury bathing experience!

* Actual ring may not be the same as shown in picture.

Colors Pink
Ingredients Avocado and Almond Oils
Volume 7 oz.
Produced in USA
Dimensions 2.75" diameter